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Plays with Fire

by Cloud

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Propuesta Cultural Music with warmth, will warm your heart.
Steve Park
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Steve Park 9 excellently crafted tracks. At times joyously cacophonous, sometimes falling apart like cascades of quiet tears. Difficult to pick a fave, yet "Oh, so Juvenile" sounds like awkwardly nailing it the first time playing in a smokey jazz club to become everyone's favorite lounge act.
Jeremy / HI54LOFI
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Jeremy / HI54LOFI I know I'm not the first to remark on the lovingly earnest songwriting of Cloud, but… dammit if it isn't just some lovingly earnest songwriting. Every. Time. Favorite track: Happer's Laugh.
Gavin Hellyer
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Gavin Hellyer An extremely fine record and one that's treasures will, I'm certain, continue to unfold as time progresses. Includes some very very dreamy melodies indeed. Favorite track: Comet Happer.
Trev Elkin
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Trev Elkin “now it’s just me in the dark / now it’s just the dark in me” Favorite track: Heartfluttered.
Jamie (Audio Antihero)
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Jamie (Audio Antihero) Likely the last album from Cloud. It's a beautiful thing. If you enjoyed "Comfort Songs" or "Zen Summer" then you should immerse yourself in this. Favorite track: Oh, So Juvenile.
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"Plays with Fire" is the new and likely final full length album from Cloud. It's something very different to 2013's "Comfort Songs" or 2015's "Zen Summer." It was released March 9th by Audio Antihero Records and is available on vinyl or as a lossless download.

“We all listened to this record for the first time on February 17th, 2017 in my Los Angeles apartment in the pitched black darkness, no cell phones. The music was blasting loud and there was barely enough room for everyone to sit on the floor of my living room where the cover photo was taken. Something was mov-ing around over our heads in the darkness, it felt right, like an angel of sentimentality. When the album was coming to its close I sensed that something tremendous was ending along with it, but I had no idea as to what…” - Tyler Taormina

Premiered on Atwood Magazine -

Previous Press:

"Astoundingly accomplished…taking his black parade out of the basement and into the streets.” - Pitchfork

“The brevity of the album, condensed from several years’ work, actually renders it utterly enigmatic, like a lifetime reduced to a random clutch of snapshots. On Plays With Fire, however, Taormina’s songs are blistered but precious polaroids, glue barely holding them on to the pages of a family album." - Gold Flake Paint

“Glossy dream-pop production with deeply confessional lyrics” – Stereogum

"A gorgeous tour de force.” - Indie Shuffle

"There are certain records which manage to replicate, musically, serotonin release. Then there are records that contextualise this physical rush within the throws of human experience: friendship, love, memory and the swathes of melancholy that embrace our lives like a sleep. (Plays with Fire) falls dreamily into the latter category." - London in Stereo

"Keenly characteristic of the current season...begins with the picturesque opaqueness of its predecessor, but quickly blows over into a sunny spring morning, exposing a field’s worth of indie-pop blossoms that teem with vibrant colors and exuberant lifeforms. There’s not a cloud in sight." - The Alternative

"A madcap romp through far-flung styles and psych-addled planes of existence." - The Line of Best Fit

“Reminiscent of Panda Bear or Toro Y Moi, the gentle arrangement is matched to a delicate vocal which hints at something darker.” – Clash Music

”Bright-eyed, wondrous…he sounds like he possesses the keys to another universe.” - DIY Mag

"Cloud has been, and always will be, a project about navigating conflicting, hefty emotions, and this process just can’t be done without the help of close friends. “Two Hands Bound” brings four friends into the fold as Taormina explores the burnout that can accompany overworking oneself, but it doesn’t sound labored-over at all; instead, it’s about as effortless as psychedelic music gets." - POST-TRASH

“It's the sound of someone facing up to the age-old problem of growing up too soon and all the trials and tribulations that come along with that.“ - Drowned in Sound

"Tyler Taormina & friends work their music machines of endless wonder..." - IMPOSE


released March 9, 2018

Mixed by Nolan Eley
Mastered by TJ Lipple
Written, Produced and Engineered by Cloud
Cloud is Tyler Taormina
Cover photo by Alyssa Ceballos
Album artwork edited by Shaun Oppedisano


all rights reserved



Cloud Los Angeles, California

Tyler Taormina + Friends = Cloud.

LA via Boston via Long Island. Profile photo by Carson Lund.

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Track Name: Happer's Laugh
true strength
needs love
to ease
your eyes
are love
mixed with

and the
cost of
true strength
is two
you were
born with
one and
a few (for example— 1.68)

then Delphine saw
a green flash on the coast

I heard
in song
there is
one more

in doubt
there lies
turns out
I’ze wrong

something’s gotta go
Track Name: Disenchanted
to my friends
will you love me when I get
disenchanted and the light
dims inside my little eyes?

to my mom
would you love me if i stole
from my workplace every night
and pretend that it’s justified?

and in cold
could i rub a hand on you?
notice how to keep him warm
means you gotta give up your own

then to dad
do you love me even when
every day you near your end
and I could not be further west?

and to you
could you love me like you used
to when we would share the dark
now it’s just me in the dark
now it’s just the dark in me

there’s an end searching for an end again
somewhere in the search of self
played with fire and got (burnt)
Track Name: Two Hands Bound
I fell so low
some things you’ll never know
how odd to pray
tried again the other day
c’est la, c’est vous
got work in the afternoon

born to die a thousand days
and, oh, to see what life remains
‘cause losing is a way of life
and building is another way of life

says the man with his two hands bound
says it all with his two hands
man made me a wage slave
time made me a gelatin

a day so nice
you can shake it off sometimes
and love is good
mostly misunderstood
like how we talk
talking is also love

born to doubt and see what it’s about
and, oh as I dance
I help myself to live
and if I don’t
to keep my self from loss
I lather a friend,
a vial of peppermint!

says the man with his two hands bound
says it all with his two hands
man made me a wage-slave
time made me a gelatin
time made me a bitter one

an animal
an animal is what i’ve become
Track Name: Me, Her & Lavender
Tyler’s primed for the end
Greg is left outside
Danny’s thinking back
How we’d laugh all the time
and the weight of it all
turned me into a rock
now i’m colder than colder
and I don’t wanna talk

Nervous oh for the end
Kim is good for the now
Brandon wants to grow
but his heart won’t allow
and the length of your life
did it ever feel right?
now i’m older than ever
and holding on to life
Track Name: Oh, So Juvenile
hey, i caught you smiling
and the way that I need you feels so juvenile

now we’re taking our clothes off
and the way that I need you is the force of mankind

hey, she barely watched my guts pour out
and the way that I need her, it led to my life

now I want my face in marble
and the way that I need it is so juvenile.
Track Name: Heartfluttered
of course your heart fluttered
she is everything you need
if she’s your true love
let her be

now down in the valley
we are anxious for your way
with a hope that a spell
it breaks

well yes you are fucked up
you may always be this way
but the trick is to know
when it’s okay

and now you are naked
and you’re shaking like a kid
and she asks, “if you’ve ever done this?”
you say you did

and no it doesn’t matter
oh, what ever could that mean?
but in that grand lack
you are free

and now’s your big moment
as she’s taking off her dress
it’s your chance to perpetuate the human race!
Track Name: Wildfire
every flame wants to be a wildfire
every day needs to lead to something says my mind
looking back to when it all was better
hard to see photos of my smiles
i know if i want to live
something’s got to give

every night goes on as I’m mindless in it
every light’s racing towards the ends of everything
hard to hold photos of the one’s who left us
every orgasm makes you wonder oh, “is this it?”
this is it
Track Name: Comet Happer
One more song before I leave, Nicole
it’s only right in the way it feels right
in the dark of a sin
as still as I ever wanted it
and it’s dark
and it is

well dark is night
and it’s wild

and your eyes are blue
and they’re wild too

no more staying on the other shore
for a wish that we’ll all be all right

but you know it’s fine
you say, “it’s only night time”
Track Name: Mary Goes Mad Again
Long form caesar
there is a way
alling for days in your
odd black magic
share with a friend
or Mary goes dead in her
all white rocket
it’s only life
hiding in island eyes
care for a friend
when sadness is maddening

thin willed Happer
losing the light
only goodbye to your
orange skied parents
ocean of roar
love you forever more
flowers can grow
up to your nose and your
mind likes roses
cut for a friend
as Mary goes mad again

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