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Two Hands Bound - Single

by Cloud

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Taken from the 'Plays with Fire' LP -

Free Single. Or Pay-What-You-Want.

Exclusive non-album B-Side.

Post-Trash A-Side Premiere -

For the Rabbits B-Side Premiere -

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Previous Press:

"Astoundingly accomplished…taking his black parade out of the basement and into the streets.” - Pitchfork

“Glossy dream-pop production with deeply confessional lyrics” – Stereogum

“I find a time for reflection, a confirmation of life and its wonder, and a sense of belonging… And I know, years down the road, this will remain a landmark album for me, with just the same resonant power.” - Gold Flake Paint

“Reminiscent of Panda Bear or Toro Y Moi, the gentle arrangement is matched to a delicate vocal which hints at something darker.” – Clash Music

”Bright-eyed, wondrous…he sounds like he possesses the keys to another universe.” - DIY Mag

“It's the sound of someone facing up to the age-old problem of growing up too soon and all the trials and tribulations that come along with that.“ - Drowned in Sound

“Swells of white noise in the background paired with the keyboard and drum machine beat creates a breezy


released February 23, 2018

Artwork: Tyler Taormina
A-Side Mastering: TJ Lipple
B-Side Mastering: Benjamin Shaw

See tracks for individual musician credits.


all rights reserved



Cloud Los Angeles, California

Tyler Taormina + Friends = Cloud.

LA via Boston via Long Island. Profile photo by Carson Lund.

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Track Name: Two Hands Bound
I fell so low
some things you’ll never know
how odd to pray
tried again the other day
c’est la, c’est vous
got work in the afternoon

born to die a thousand days
and, oh, to see what life remains
‘cause losing is a way of life
and building is another way of life

says the man with his two hands bound
says it all with his two hands
man made me a wage slave
time made me a gelatin

a day so nice
you can shake it off sometimes
and love is good
mostly misunderstood
like how we talk
talking is also love

born to doubt and see what it’s about
and, oh as I dance
I help myself to live
and if I don’t
to keep my self from loss
I lather a friend,
a vial of peppermint!

says the man with his two hands bound
says it all with his two hands
man made me a wage-slave
time made me a gelatin
time made me a bitter one

an animal
an animal is what i’ve become
Track Name: Plays With Fire
I’m too tired to play with the flames
I thought I could but it’s hard for me
well fire is life, and life is good
so many nights when it lit her room

and oh so tired but can’t slow down
I hear good music but drown it out
with “gotta do’s,” and vanities
and little fires keep on warming me

Well every man hears his call to be
a mountain’s height, or a lover’s need
I heard it roar from the fire’s place
and can see now how it’s deafened me

and you're too drunk to give a fuck
you got that way because you care so much
then a good wave came to dance with me
then a bad wave came
to take me away from the present for days
when I woke I was still lost in a terrible day dream
of anarchist texts
and my parents are aging

and oh nicole sleeps on lavender
you’d lose a limb to be there with her
on a good wave’s lips, she came to me
we shared the fire

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